How to Clean the Soot from Brick Chimneys?

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For a long time the brick chimneys stopped heating our house to become part of the decoration of our living room or rooms. However, a few years ago they became fashionable again, causing many of us to use them again to heat the main rooms of the home.

Currently, the use of much more economical and ecological energy sources, such as biomass, have made it possible for brick chimneys to be in full swing again. However, the soot accumulated in the bricks makes your fireplace look dirty and old.

In spite of how efficient and decorative they may be, many doubts arise; How to clean the soot from the brick chimneys correctly? What products can I use? …

Here we show you some tricks and tips to keep your fireplace clean as the first day and to continue enjoying its use.

It is impossible to clean 100% the soot from the brick chimneys
Surely, you have been able to verify that there are many products and tools that allow cleaning the soot from the chimneys. From soapy pastes to spray foams that promise effective cleaning of the most visible bricks of your fireplace. These tricks, work in the short term and do not get 100% to eliminate the stains on the bricks.

Despite the information shown on the product, they require continuous maintenance to eliminate some of the odious soot stains. Other products help prevent the appearance of soot on chimneys, keeping them cleaner during use. This is the case, for example, of the anti-soot cartridge that you will find in stores specializing in biomass.

However, all these toxic products require knowledge and great experience for their correct use and cleaning. You must follow the guidelines outlined in their instructions and take the necessary measures to avoid contamination by inhalation. In addition, they do not guarantee a deep cleaning of your fireplace, causing stains to appear and strong smell to be generated in your home caused by liquids or products applied to clean your fireplace.

To remove the soot from the bricks of your fireplace, we recommend constant cleaning based on products such as bleach or caustic soda. However, due to the porosity of the brick, it is impossible to guarantee a total cleaning of the soot from your chimney.

In addition, you must perform continuous cleanings of the chimney duct. In addition, the inserts are much more efficient than traditional open hearths, allowing you to take advantage of around 70% of the heat generated in the combustion, since not only do they have this system of impulsion that favors that the air warms up, in addition, some models incorporate systems that improve fuel burning, generating less waste. They are also safer because the fire remains isolated inside.

Why a chimney sweep for cleaning the ducts of your brick chimney?
In addition to the unsightly stains, proper cleaning and maintenance of your fireplace is essential for preventing fires and contamination by monoxide. If you are someone who enjoys the pleasant warmth of a brick fireplace, you should keep in mind that a soot-free chimney will lengthen its useful life and save up to 30% more fuel.

Only expert hands and the most innovative tools can perform the task of professional cleaning. From special brushes for sweeping to endoscopic cameras capable of recording the interior of the ducts of your fireplace. In addition, a professional chimney sweep has the most recommended products to maintain and not damage the bricks of your fireplace. Although it may seem easy, during the cleaning of a chimney can arise complications that only a chimney sweep can solve.

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